About Us



UTOG Brewing Company is happy to serve you in downtown Ogden.  We want nothing more than to bring you great beer, amazing food, and exceptional service.  We have to say you’ll be blown away.  When you are here you’ll feel like you’re in the brewery.  Our beer and food are going to be designed to compliment each other. With a total open family-friendly environment you won’t want to go anywhere else.  We look forward to serving you. CHEERS!



Carson Foss


Hi I’m Carson Foss, I was born in Ogden and I’m very proud to call it home. I live here with my wife Cassandra and our two boys Evan and Marcus.  I have been brewing now for 10 years and I’m very excited to bring new beer to Ogden.  I’ve been a commercial pilot most my life and I’m proud to say I’ve been to a brewery in every state.  With all that field research I’m really excited to bring all of my favorite things into one brewery in Ogden.  If I’m not brewing you will find me with my family and friends, mountain biking, boating, playing hockey, skiing and running.  I can’t wait to have a beer with ya!